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National Digital Library of India (NDLI)

The National Digital Library of India (NDLI) is a virtual library featuring search and browse
functionality as well as several other services for the learning community. Through its National
Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT), the Ministry
of Education of the Government of India sponsors and mentors it. To help individuals learn from and
prepare for the finest practices from around the world, NDLI offers content for all academic levels,
including lifelong learners, across all subject areas, and in the majority of the commonly spoken
Indian languages.

RCC Institute of Information Technology, one of the premier engineering institutes at West Bengal,
opens the NDLI Club on 9 th February 2023 to facilitate members 24/7 access to a huge collection of
free and open access learning materials.

Objective of NDLI Club at RCCIIT
NDLI Clubs encourage students to actively participate in building a national knowledge base while
enabling students to use NDLI effectively throughout their educational path. The NDLI Club
organizes events to assist students in developing information, skills, and personality traits outside of
the classroom that are crucial for their advancement in the professional field.

Authority Name Designation Contact
Patron Prof. (Dr.) Anirban Mukherjee Principal (O)
President Dr. Arpan Deyasi Associate
Professor, Dept of
Secretary Mrs.Debalina Mukherjee Librarian
Dr. Pramit Ghosh Associate
Professor, Dept of

Club Registration id: INWBNC3PJDOJNVN

NDLI Activity Reports
Report on NDLI Activity: on 19th April 2024
Report on NDLI Activity: on 21st December 2023
Report on NDLI Activity: on 30th November 2023
Report on NDLI Activity: on 29th August 2023
Report on NDLI Activity: Seminar on Metrics for Research Evaluation: Problems and Prospects on 27 th June 2023
Report on NDLI Activity: IEEE User Awareness Program on 25th April 2023
Report on NDLI Activity: User Awareness Program on 22 nd February 2023