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Student's Achievements
Student Award given on Annual Award Distribution Ceremony held on 18th Nov 2022 - Click for details
Kushal Banik, Kuntal Paul, Ishan Chaudhuri & Arpan Mukherjee from third year ECE have developed Artificial Intelligence based software for the detection of COVID through analysis of X-ray plate. One has to open the site and need to upload X-ray plate photo to the site. Once the X-ray plate of a patient gets uploaded, the software will confirm if the person is infected with COVID or not. Students claim that this software is giving above 80 percent success. The students have also filed a copyright for this original work.
Rohan Roy of final year AEIE has developed a product "MATRI" which is a menstrual pain reliever device at Incubation center of IIT Patna. By using the device for 10-15 minutes around the skin can give relief from the pain that women feel at lower abdomen & lower back during menstruation cycle. A particular pattern of a particular range of frequency specially designed for menstrual pain emerges out from the device and works like a counter irritation when applied on user's body through electrode gel pad. It blocks the pain pathway, and the pain signal cannot reach up to brain causing relief from pain. It's tiny, portable, easy to use device suitable for use in public place also.
Arkadeep Nandi, Sandipan Basu, Abhishek Kumar and Prajoy Duttaform final year EE, RCCIIT have developed a low-cost device which can measure temperature, oxygen saturation (SpO2 level) and heart rate (rate/minute) of any person and can transfer the data over Cloud through IOT, so that the reading could also be monitored by any Android phone at a remote location with internet connection. The data gathered in the Cloud can help in predicting the health condition of anyone much ahead of the critical time. The device has been tested against reference devices available in the market and calibrated accurately. Now students are in a process to file patent for that invention.
Aritra Basu second year CSE has developed a web-based application which will provide notification for vacant slot of vaccination in CoWIN portal. One need to log in to the site and have to register for notification. Website will send an automated email to registered user whenever there is an availability of vaccine in preferred area/pin code. After knowing the vacant slot user can book appointment for COVID vaccine at CoWIN portal in a hassle-free manner.
Arpita Basak, B.Tech CSE, was UG Topper and Gold Medalist in MAKAUT in 2019-20
Atanu Mukherjee, B.Tech CSE, was PG 2nd Topper and Silver Medalist in MAKAUT in 2017-18
Sagarika Chanani (MCA) was placed in 3rd position in MAKAUT in 2019-20
ECE students received 3rd prize (All India Level) in Big Dream Championship, Internshala in 2019; ECE students also received 3rd prize in IETE Zonal Seminar & ISF Congress: Innovation Meet.
RCCIIT student team (5-members) "BACKSTREET HACKERS" won the SMART INDIA HACKATHON, 2019 held at Chitkara University, Punjab campus.
Hozaifa Wahid, Harshit Anand Gupta, Bidisha Mondal, Ritwika Banerjee, Avijit Das (B.Tech IT 2020) presented award winning Project TELE TOTO in BENGALATHON 2019
EE students reached the final rounds of Smart India Hackathon-2020 and Bengalathon-2019
Kamalendu Das, Pariplab Pal and Somnath Sardar (MCA) placed their name in Wall of Fame 2018 as Part-2 finishers in IBM Master the Mainframe-2018
Prince Dey, Amit Saha and Anubhab Mondal (MCA) won IBM Hack Challenge 2018
Priyojit Pal, Rajesh De, Sagarika Chanani and Sweta Jaiswal (MCA) placed their name in Wall of Fame as Part-2 & Part-3 finishers in IBM Master the Mainframe-2017
Prince Dey (MCA) was winner from Asia-Pacific region of 13th instance of IBM Master the Mainframe- 2017