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CSE Department Students Projects

Medical Image Processing Classification Of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Machine Learning_Gr1
Face Detection Doc_Gr2
Mdvrp Using Ga(Documentation)_Gr3
Multi-Objective Profit Maximization Vehicle Routing Problem Using Particle Swarm Optimization_Gr4
A Deep Learning Approach For Analysis Of Iot Data.Pdf_Gr5
Sarcasm Detection On Twitter Data_Gr6
Theory Of Estimation Using Artificial Intelligence_Gr7
Probability Occurrence Of Land Slide Using Soil Features And Classification_Gr8
Application Of Graphology To Predict Personality Based On Structure Of Handwriting Through An Authenticated Database_Gr9
Writer's Behavior Identification Based On Online Graphometric Parameters_Gr10
Identification Of Developmental Dysgraphia By Handwriting Ananlysis_Gr11
Parking Slot Availability Guidance Systemusing Internet Of Technology_Gr12
Enhancing The Resolution Of An Image Using Super Resolution Techniques_Gr14
Student Attendance System Based On The Face Recognition Of Webcam's Image Of The Classroom_Gr15
Social Networks Analysis Link Prediction_Gr16
Recommendation System From Removing Billions Of Negative Data_Gr17
Recommendation System Using Deep Learning.Pdf_Gr18
Link Prediction Project Report Final_Gr19
Personality Analysis Based On Social Media Data_Gr21
Offline Handwriting Recognition Using Fuzzy Logic_Gr22
Digital Image Segmentation Using Improved Slic_Gr23
Gray Hole Attack In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks_Gr24
Wormhole Report_Gr25
Human Activity Recognition And Analysis Using Accelerometer Data-Documentation_Gr26
Development Of An Improved Edge Based Image Steganographic Technique _Gr27